About US


We Collect Antique Gum, Peanut and Match Machines


  • About 30 years ago Shelia and I were in Burlington, KY at the Boone County Fairgrounds monthly antique show. We arrived about 5:00 AM with flashlights in hand, in search of a nice piece of antique advertising. Vendors were just arriving and were starting to unload the collectibles they had for sale. We went into a booth where a gentleman had a box of  what I thought were gum machines but they were actually peanut machines. I asked him "How much?" and he said "I will take $100.00 for the box." I replied "Would you take 75.00?" and he said "Sold!" That's where our love of antique coin operated machines, antique peanut machine and antique gum machine began! Later, we started attending the Chicagoland Antique Advertising,  Slot Machine and Jukebox Show  (Coin Op Show) which happens twice a year and have added many pieces to our collection.   
  • We are always looking to buy nice, original antique coin operated machines such as gum or peanut machines, trade stimulators, match machines, slot machines, penny arcade machines, or any vintage coin operated machines.  
  • Please fell free to contact us with whatever you have to sell whether it's one piece or an entire collection.