Happy Jap Gum Machine
manufactured by the White Vending Machine Co. patented in

Happy Jap gum machine

 Deposits a penny and presses the lever in the corner of his mouth, a stick of gum is dispensed through his teeth.  This particular Happy Jap machine is the rarer version which has the lever in the corner of his mouth. Made of Cast Iron

True Blue Gum Machine by Automatic Sales Cp
by Automatic Sales Co. c 1905

True Blue Gum Machine

 All original True Blue Gum Machine made by Automatic Sales Co, Lansing Michigan.  This is the  early versions of the True Blue Gum Machines which  has the  push rod. When the customer would insert the penny and push the rod the machine was very easy to turn over. So as you can imagine not many of this version survied 

Hance Auto Peanut Machine
made by Hance Mfg Company

Hance Auto Peanut Machine c. 1915

  The Hance Auto Peanut machine is a heavy cast iron machine that came in two variations,  The version pictured has the periscope coin entry and a nickle machine. The customer received one crank for a nickel. They also made a penny version which has the flat coin entry. These machines never had  a flaps. 

Hance Rex Convertible Gum Machine
made by Hance Mfg Company

Hance Rex Convertible Gumball Machine


The Hance Rex Convertible has a changeable vending wheel allowing the vending of bulk merchandise or gumballs. It had a capacity of 600 gumballs or 4lbs of peanuts.

Manikin  Vendor Co Baker Boy
made by the Manikin Vendor Co. c 1929

Baker Boy Gumball Machine

 Insert a penny, crank the handle, the baker boy will turn to the oven, scoop out a gumball, nods and drops the gumball down the chute. This is one of my favorite animated machines.  

Hance Rex Gum Machine
made by the Hance Mfg Co. c 1908

Hance Rex Gumball Machine

 This cast-iron machine is often called "Rex" because some of the goose neck coin entries were marked "Rex Mfg. Co" which this model is marked. There was a vending co called Rex Mfg. Co. in 1908 and 1909 and then disappeared. It is believed the machines with marked coin entries were Mfg for The Rex Co in 1908 & 1909

Simpson Lincoln Gum Machine
made by the R.D. Simpson Co

Simpson Lincoln Gumball Machine

 This cast-iron machine which has a formed steel lid with a slanted coin entry. Notice the ribbed top part of the globe. When I purchased this machine I was not sure about the globe but a friend, David McDonald, called and told me his Simpson Lincoln has the same ribbed globe and this was correct. 

Hance Rex Porcelain Gumball Machine
made by the Hance Mfg Co @1908

Hance Rex Porcelain Gumball Machine

 The base of the machine is white porcelain and the rest of the machine is cast iron. This machine is believed to be the forerunner to the Hance Rex Convertible, which I have one on the website. It was strictly for gumballs and could not be set to vend anything else. 

Millard Gum Machine
made by the Millard Vending Co pat Aug 29,1916

Millard GuM Machine

 The Millard machines did not have numbers or names for them but made several different models. This particular machine is made out of tin. Deposit a penny in the top, turn knob to the right and you would receive a gumball. Silent Salesman 2 says William Millard claims to have sold 70,000 machines in 2 years.  

Mojo Gum Machine
made by Roth & Langley around 1915

MOJO Mo-Jo Gumball Machine

I have been wanting to add this machine to my collection for a while and finally found the one. This version is made by the Roth & Langley Co. There are several different other versions of the MOJO Gumball Machines which were made by Chicle Products.   It is amazing any of these machines with globes survived.  

Ad-Lee EZ Machine
Made By The Ad-Lee Co c. 1908

The Ad-Lee E-Z Gum Machine

  •  Large mouth opening in front is embossed on front lip "Pat'd Sept 15, 1908. The brass tag on front reads E-Z Ball Gum Machine . A  Really nice original Decal. For a nickle you would receive a drilled gumball with slips of paper in them. On the paper would have a number. Marquee on top would show the winning numbers.  

As-Lee Model D Original
made by Columbus Vrnding Co for the Ad-Lee Novelty Company

Ad-Lee Model D GumBALL Machine

  •  This antique gum machine is believed to be the last globe machine made by the Ad-Lee. It dispenses 1 gumball for the first penny, 2 for the second penny, 1 gumball for the third penny & 2 for the fourth penny generating 55 cents for every 100 gumballs. The machine was also available w/ 1 gumball for a penny. Machine is made of cast iron 

Smilin Sam Peanut Machine
manufactured by General Merchandise Co. c 1931

Smilin Sam from Alabam Peanut Machine


  • Smilin Sam is one of my favorite machines. This machine came from the Mike Gorski Collection. Every time I was at Mike's home it was hanging on the wall and I always admired it.  When a customer  deposits a penny, then pull Smilin' Sam's tongue, he will dispense a handful of peanuts.  Smilin' Sam is made of aluminum,

Hance Fat Boy Peanut Machine
Made by Hance Mfg Co

Hance Fat Boy Peanut Machine

  •  Great cast iron bulk vendor with flared globe. Note the pull handle. Deposit a penny, then pull handle to receive a portion of peanuts. This model came with the feet as shown or without feet.  

Hance Standard Rex Peanut Machine
made by the Hance Rex Mfg Co.

Hance Standard Rex Electric Peanut Machine

  •  Hance started making vending machines in 1908 & made them until 1930. This machine is the same as The Hance Standard Rex except for the added heating element. The bottom is white porcelain and the midsection is cast. This was a penny bulk vendor. All original except for the decal which is a paper copy of a original. 

Northwestern 33 Jr Peanut Machine
made by the Northwestern Corp c. 1933

Northwestern 33 Jr Peanut Machine

  •  This Northwestern 33 Jr was designed to for vendors where space was limited. It was available with a 1 1/2 or 2 lb. octagon shaped globe. This version is all original with painted body and lid. Has the taller 2 lb globe with original decal.  

Canteen Peanut Machine
made by the Northwestern Co.for the Canteen Corp c.1933

Canteen Peanut Machine

  •  The Canteen was private labeled for the Canteen Corp by the Northwestern Co. It is the Northwestern 33 Jr with a different chute flap and added marquee. It stands approx 15" tall. For a penny you would receive a handful of nuts. This model is all original except for the decal.  

William Michael Peanut Machine

William Michael Peanut Machine

  •  Most of it is cast iron, but the topmost section of the body is aluminum. The globe pictured above is correct for this machine, and I don't believe a round globe is.  This antique peanut machine example pictured above is 100% original. 

Simpson Derby Confection Vendor
made by R. D. Simpson Co. @1940

Simpson Derby Confection Vendor

 This machine was a combination confection and amusement machine available in gum or peanut versions. The horses rotate with each play, the one stopping at the judge's stand is the winner. The decal reads "Race Park, no premiums for Merchandise, amusement only.  This version is aluminum with embossed lid. 

Improved Hilo Peanut Machine
manufactured by Hilo Gum Co. c 1908

​Improved Hilo Peanut Machine

  •  According to the Silent Salesman II - The patent for this machine was assigned to Hilo Gum Co by B. M. Davis, a co-founder for Advance. Since Advance was the likely mfgr of the Hilo Climax, it is likely that they made the Improved Hilo.   The Hilo Machine came in cast iron and aluminum. The version is aluminum.